Cincinnati Web Developement

Something to think about…What if indie artists could master leveraging local internet traffic? Couldn’t they easily jump start their careers and boost revenue at the same time? I believe it’s totally possible and necessary if recording music independently as a full-time career is in your plans. Many of you my not know this but I do web development as well… Read More →

Psalmoetry EP

Psalmoetry – An Urban Inspirational recording artist (who happens to be my wife) recently completed and released a self-titled EP in preparation for her full album due to also be dropping later this year. The EP features cameo appearances by L.G. Wise and Corey Red. Eclectic is what I’d call her style which ranges from Hip-Hop, R&B, Spoken Word, Neo-Soul and beyond while keeping… Read More →

2009 Grammy Announcement

I’ve had the pleasure of working with an awesome talent by the name of (not sure I can say online at this point) . Well she’s on the ballet for a grammy in 4 catagories for 2 tracks produced by yours truly. 12-15-08 update… As a follow-up to the grammy announcement we unfortunately didn’t make into final round.  I’m speaking… Read More →