About the company:

Chrisma Productions provides musical compositions and audio engineering services for Record Labels, Independent Recording Artists, Radio Broadcast, Commercial Advertisement, Television Broadcast, Internet, On-Hold & In-House Background Music, and Film Soundtracks. Over the past 7 years, on both local and national levels, people have greatly benefited from the skillful experienced Music Production, Mixing and Mastering services provided to them. Some have songs on Stellar Award Nominated CD projects, Grammy ballets and Movie Soundtracks.

About the owner:

The word chrisma means to smear on and is translated in the bible as anointing (1 John 2:27). Terrence “T” Lewis chose that name because it’s the essence of his ministry; to create music that impacts the heart and prepares the way for the message in the song, leaving a lasting impression that can’t be erased.

It was obvious in his childhood that music and technology would be major part of his life. From wiring speakers to whatever he could, to recording music from the radio on little cassette recorders at a very young age, to DJing and becoming one of Cincinnati’s hottest DJ’s known as “Flashmaster-Tee”. He would rock parties/dances with lightening fast cutting & scratching, tight/creative beat-mixing and hyped crowd-control.

After giving his heart to Jesus Christ he stopped spinning records and started studying God’s Word. He later found that he had an God given gift to play and compose on the keys. He began playing at church where he learned how to flow in the anointing and lead praise and worship.  Now as a self-taught keyboardist (by the grace of God) Terrence is a worshipper and minstrel at heart and is fully obeying the call of God on his life as a Praise & Worship Leader and  Musician/Producer.

Terrence is both a loving husband and devoted father to Ayanna “Psalmoetry” Lewis his wife, and twin daughters Saida and Terren.

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